"In Order of Life" by Michael K Taylor and Monica Villareal featured front page of Houston Chronicle Zest with curator Robert Pruitt

Robert Pruitt Michael K Taylor Coming Through the GapRobert Pruitt Michael K Taylor Coming Through the Gap Artists journey forward at TSU exhibit Robert Pruitt and a few of his friends take control of their futures with exhibit By Molly Glentzer & photos by James Nielsen

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"Taylor and Villarreal devised a new language. The big sun piece, "In Order of Life," is one of the symbols they created for it.

"That's what I like about this show. They probably knew each other, but during the meetings they started operating together," Pruitt said.

For the opening a few weeks ago, Knight staged a performance beside "In Order of Life" in which three black men practiced yoga to music by a DJ. It was about presenting something that is not seen every day - "a new image of the black male body," Pruitt said."

"Taylor brought work from a residency last year in Maine. It's also inspired by yearning for a journey; in this case, time travel. In the center is "Texter's La Bor A Tory," a table set up with an archaic computer, cameras and wires all painted gold. This transport machine seems to have exploded; its speaker lies on the floor.

At right hangs one of Taylor's signature carved discs, rigged with electric light. To the left is the gold-covered "Treemonisha James - New Dream A.G.E. (All Gold Everything)," a curious grid supporting three bicycle tire frames along a vertical rod - a backbone, perhaps."

"Coming Through the Fear of Impossibility on a Myth" - performance w/poetry by Michael K Taylor and co-choreography with dancer Abijan Johnson TSU Museum CTGMETSU Museum CTGME

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