THIS THURSDAY Sept 16th 2010 6-8pm

presented by SWAMP & The Community Artists' Collective 1413 Holman near LaBranch Houston, TX 77004 713-523-1616

OFFLINE FV : Film and Video Exhibition curated by Michael K Taylor

Exhibition Dates: Sept 11th 2010 - Sept 25th 2010 Hours: Thurs-Sat 12-5 with special screenings 6-8pm each Thursday @ The Community Artists' Collective - Tea Room Gallery

OFFLINE FV : Film and Video Exhibition focuses on experimental video and film narratives from local and international artists and filmmakers Jude Anogwih (Nigeria), Simone Bailey (San Francisco), Uchay Joel Chima (Nigeria), Andrew Esiebo (Nigeria), Jeff Faulkinbury (Houston), Tierney Malone (Houston), Emeka Ogboh (Nigeria), Lilian Pilaku (Nigeria), and Patrick Lovejoy (USA).

Anogwih's "Dreams (Smaerd)", Pilaku's "Outage - Outrage", and Chima 's "Carbon Blues" are abstract collages addressing migration, energy and transportation within Africa. Tierney Malone's "Songs for My Fathers" features multiple paintings and score Charlie Perez. Jeff Faulkinbury's feature-length film "Read On" follows four couples experiences with racism, infidelity, and identity when pushed by economic downturns.

Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP) & THE TERRITORY

THE TERRITORY is a 13-part, 30-minute showcase series of short films and videos broadcast statewide on Texas PBS stations.

SWAMP evolved from programs originally organized at St. Thomas University and later at Rice University Media Center in the early 1970s through the vision of the internationally acclaimed filmmaker and educator James Blue. Houston philanthropist John de Menil lent initial financial support to the program that became an independent nonprofit organization in 1977 under the direction of founding director Ed Hugetz.

SWAMP brings artists and audiences together by providing a variety of on-going exhibition, education, and information services.


OFFLINE FV Shorts 6 - 6:30pm
(short experimental films from American and Africa): total run time 21:23 min
Songs for My Fathers - by Tierney Malone feat. Charlie Perez (Houston, TX)
length 2:43 min
Against the Wall - by Andrew Esiebo (Lagos, Nigeria)
length 3:51 min
[dis]connect - by Emeka Ogboh (Lagos, Nigeria)
length 1:58 min
Dreams (Smeard) Smeared - by Jude Anogwih (Lagos, Nigeria)
length 1:02 min
Carbon Blues - by Uche Joel Chima (Lagos, Nigeria)
length 2:44 min
Outage - by Outrage by Lillian Pilaku (Lagos, Nigeria)
length 2:16min
Elinor Beauregard - by Simone Bailey (San Francisco, CA)
length 1:35 min
Vanishing Point - by Patrick Lovejoy (NY & CA)
length 4:36 min
Read On- by Jeff Faulkinbury
length 2:10 hrs (Viewed on the Side Screen except for selected times)

Selections from THE TERRITORY, season 33 - 6:30 - 8pm TYGER (Guilherme Marcondes, Brazil, 2006, 4:30, no dialog) A giant tiger mysteriously appears in a big city, revealing the hidden reality in an otherwise ordinary night. SCENE PRIMITIVE (Daniel Faubert, Canada, 2007, 12:10, no dialog) Like a scroll, this traveling film sequence gradually unfurls, revealing the story of a civilization struggling against nature and human nature. TELERIFIC VOODOO (Paul Jadoul, Belgium, 2006, 4:30, no dialog) Counting down, is this the Armageddon? A world evolution by music supremacy becomes manifest. APNEE (Claude Chabot, France, 2006, 3:50, no dialog) In this paparazzi revenge fantasy, a photographer tries to capture an embarrassing moment in the life of a celebrity. HORN (Roohollah Masroor, Iran, 2007, 9:35, Persian with English subtitles) On a cold, snowy day in Tehran, a man getting on a bus serves to symbolize Iranian social life with honesty and irony. RED WEDNESDAY (Nazanin Shirazi, Texas, 2008, 11:21) While trying to heal her mother, a young girl dangerously mimics traditions she doesn’t fully understand. NO MAIL (Ken and Simon Macrae, Australia, 2006, 6:57) Small minds in a small town attempt to ostracize the local Muslim postman and divide the town with their actions.

SWAMP & THE TERRITORY are represented by Mary M. Lampe the Executive Director of Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP) since 1998. In addition to her duties as Executive Director, she is also the Co-Executive Producer of THE TERRITORY, SWAMP’s short film showcase series broadcast on Texas PBS stations.

OFFLINE Film & Video Curator Michael K Taylor is a Texas-based artist and curator whose work over the past few years has been featured at the MFAH, Lawndale Arts Center, Project Row Houses, Rice Media Center and Go Down Arts Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. He curated the exhibitions Future Present Series and The Love Movement at the Community Artists' Collective incorporating visual art, live dance and video.


The Community Artists' Collective is located at Tea Room Gallery 1413 Holman near LaBranch Houston, TX 77004

The Community Artists' Collective (The Collective) is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization dedicated to making the arts and arts education more accessible to all children and adults and to foster an appreciation for art and the creative process. The Collective is funded in part by grants from the Houston Arts Alliance, Houston Endowment, Inc., corporations, individuals and through collaborations with community organizations. The Collective is a member of the Fresh Arts Coalition, the Greater Houston Convention and Visitor's Bureau, the African American Tourism Council of Greater Houston and the Third Ward Community Cloth Cooperative.

SWAMP is supported in part by grants from the Houston Endowment, the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance, the Brown Foundation, Texas Commission on the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, Houston Film Commission, and many other individuals and contributing organizations.